Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Wish I Knew How to Google Everything All the Time

I try to Google certain phrases and try to "beat the system". Sometimes,though, I feel like I might be missing the boat because I am not searching the correct phrase. Tonight I am wanting to search out adoption rules. I don't know how to search the exact thing I am looking for though. HA! I'll let you know if I figure it out.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weirdo. Yes, me!

There are so many reasons why I'm a weirdo. The one that has been on my mind lately is how I am regarding business matters. The small towns around here remind everyone to "shop locally" for holidays and back to school shopping. Well, anything really. They continuously do "I Shop Locally" punch cards that shoppers turn in for a random drawing of Chamber Dollars. As hard as I try to do that, it doesn't work as I am not only long, I'm big and have huge feet. Plus, it's just more fun to go to Mankato. :) We go maybe once a month, but usually every couple of months.

How does this relate to me?

I have always had the same idea with friends and their businesses. So, if I have someone saying, "Where do I get my house cleaned?" I know a smattering of people to recommend. "Who can I call to get my windshield repaired?" I know just the place! "What's a good place for lunch?" Funny you should ask! "I need a really cute accessory for my wedding/graduation/next Tuesday." OOOH! You don't say!

I suggest friends' blogs to other people, I tell my customers where to find great things for their upcoming big events. I like to be a great networking spot for my customers. I know videographers, florists, reception locations, caterers, DJs, etc, etc, etc. Not only do I know who to call, I know who NOT to call as well. :)

So, why don't people return the favor? Why aren't they following my blog, Twitter, whatever? Why don't they have me do their photographs instead of having someone else? *sigh* It just kind of hurts to see their posts, blogs, hear them talk about it, etc, and I just wonder, "Did they even THINK of me?"

And I'm not even sure how to say anything. "Um....so, uh, is there a reason why you didn't go with me?" Awkward. Nope. Can't do it that way.

"Next time I'd love to be a part of your _____!" Hmmm, that could be better.

You know what? It kinda makes me want to say NOTHING next time someone asks me for a place to go. "Go to McDonalds for lunch, Target for your shopping needs and buy some Spin n Span for your house."

Every time I get a graduation invitation from someone...ugh.
Every time I see a portrait on their wall.
Every time I hear they have a new website.

Is this just a weirdo Cat thing? Or would you feel the same way?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dreams are Funny

According to my dreams last nights.....
...People stand in the river on either side of the bridge dressed as the Statue of Liberty in different outfits and poses.
....in that group, my name would be "Ida" And not "Eyeda", as the little Statue of Liberty boy told me, "Eye DUHHHHHH".

AND.....Bryan Cranston is a good kisser.

Um. Yeah. I don't know where any of that came from. I wish I could draw, or sculpt, or something to show you what the Statues of Liberty were wearing. Of course there were some who were really good and hardcore about it. Seamless, flawless garb and costumery. Then there were the people with sweaty white face paint who were twitchy and wouldn't/couldn't hold a pose.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Small Town? Nahhhh.

As per the census ten years ago, the population of my town is 3,515. Who knows? We could be up to 3.600 now with the new count. :) It's one of those everyone-knows-everyone-even-if-they-don't-know-it kind of towns.

After work today I went to one of the thrift stores in town to check out yarn and whatever little goodies could be in there. I gathered my things and brought them to the register. Older volunteer lady rings me up and tells me the total. I write out my check (so small they don't do debit and I rarely carry cash) and she takes it and looks at it and starts to read it all, "Do you...Oh, here's your phone number...Is everything current?" "Yes, Ma'am." "How do you say your last name?" "Manchack." "Manchack? Hmmm.....Manchack. That's a new name." Smiles. "We've lived here for almost five years now." "Oh, really? Hmmmm....."

I wanted to tell her that I've been in there several times before. I have no idea if she's been in there or not....I don't really pay attention to the ladies as they all stand in a cluster and talk amongst themselves and don't really pay attention to the customers.

If I told her we bought Chuck's house, and if I were a betting person, I'd bet you $10 she'd know whose house I bought, where we lived then, and "something" about us. It's one of those crazy towns where people know you by the car you drive, the house color, who your neighbor is, or the sequence of the last few owners.

My hometown had a population of 18,351 at the 2000 census. I'd say with college kids, etc, it was well over that. The town I work in is 13,594. They're nowhere near big cities. But still everyone knows a lot of people. I didn't like living in Houston because people are rude and show no compassion towards others. I didn't figure it out until Don moved up here that the reason is they just don't care. Don had mentioned something about how he kept seeing the same person or their car or something like that. I was like, "Uh...yeah?" Then it hit me. They're never going to see someone again, so who cares how you treat them?

So Houston/big cities=I don't care for lack of niceness. Small town=weirdos knowing your business even though you don't know them. Creeps me out.

I was shooting a wedding once and the people at the table were telling me that we're their neighbors. Cool. "So where do you live?", I ask. "Around the corner on Elm." "Which house?" "The brick one."

Um. So you can know exactly where I live and whatnot, but I can't know where you live? Creepy.