Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Mussings

Ever since the beginning of message boards, forums, even back on the days of the FIRST message boards that my husband would get on in his early teens, there has been drama. Yes, it's true. Then when you make them with a bunch of women, you're going to get drama queens. Liars, fakes, pretentious people, girls who think they're the best, the first, the only. I am not like this. I try to be humble, try to be modest, and this is because of my faith, beliefs, morals and upbringing. Sure, I fail at times, like everyone does, as none of us are perfect. In the past few months there has been some unsettling drama that has caused bad dreams, nervous stomachs, etc. Even though I know only a few of these people in real life, it makes me sick to know that people are slandering me. It was brought to my attention that in one forum I had bad things said about me behind my back. Untrue, ridiculous things. I feel like I need to speak out and stand up for myself. But at the same time, why should I have to defend myself when I didn't do anything wrong? To be told that I was "running the show" makes me mad. It's a MESSAGE BOARD people! If you want to talk, TALK! And to be upset that some of us are friends in real life is ridiculous.

I have NEVER been one to be swayed by brand names. I buy whatever strikes my fancy and my checkbook. If the store brand is cheaper than the brand name whatever, I buy generic. If the brand name is on sale this week or I have a coupon that will make it cheaper, I buy the brand name. I've always been a fan of Target, WalMart, even, gasp, Kmart. Don't tell the kids from school! I have never had the need to buy purses, shoes, etc at higher priced stores. I keep things simple. This goes over to my scrapbooking/crafting supplies, too. I am not swayed by names, brands, designers. I like what I like. Who I like. So for people to name drop, doesn't impress me. Just annoys me. Makes them sound snobbish. Sure, I'll say who things are made by. That way if others like it, they can find the products easily. That's what they do in the magazines, right?

If I hear something, I'm going to verify it. Especially if something sounds "funny" to me. I will call and ask how much something costs, if something is true, etc to back up my thoughts. Crazy? Maybe. Fact checking? Yes. Believe you me, if someone is going to say something about ME, I will back up what I say. I will also prove you wrong. I might not tell you that I've proved you wrong, but trust me, I've done so.

I'm also fairly computer savvy, so I will use my World Wide Web to find things that even the unsavvy could find. Keep things private if you don't want them to be viewed, yes?

I am keeping this fairly vague, only those who are the offenders would know what I am referencing, and a small group of friends.

I know that I am better than you. Much, much better than you. Whoops, there went humble and modest. Wait, I already stated I make mistakes at times.