Friday, January 11, 2008

Despite All My Rage, I am Still Just a Rat in a Cage

Last Saturday night Don & I cleaned out the rat cages. Smelly, smelly fun. Don dumps the litter and takes out the levels, then I wash the levels and bowls, refill the food and water and Don replaces them. Don quickly hopped on his game while I was washing. I was bringing the dried levels to the cage and what do I see? Pesto in the rat cage!!! The other night when we were playing Star Wars Pocket Models we had the rats in their carrier on the table. When we put them away, Pesto went in the carrier. Anyways, I called for Don to come QUICK so he could see Pesto (as I missed the carrier action the other time) and he got to see Pesto, and I got to grab my camera. I think this is adorable, but I am a proud furmommy. I LOVE the third picture, with the lick.