Saturday, October 16, 2010

Weirdo. Yes, me!

There are so many reasons why I'm a weirdo. The one that has been on my mind lately is how I am regarding business matters. The small towns around here remind everyone to "shop locally" for holidays and back to school shopping. Well, anything really. They continuously do "I Shop Locally" punch cards that shoppers turn in for a random drawing of Chamber Dollars. As hard as I try to do that, it doesn't work as I am not only long, I'm big and have huge feet. Plus, it's just more fun to go to Mankato. :) We go maybe once a month, but usually every couple of months.

How does this relate to me?

I have always had the same idea with friends and their businesses. So, if I have someone saying, "Where do I get my house cleaned?" I know a smattering of people to recommend. "Who can I call to get my windshield repaired?" I know just the place! "What's a good place for lunch?" Funny you should ask! "I need a really cute accessory for my wedding/graduation/next Tuesday." OOOH! You don't say!

I suggest friends' blogs to other people, I tell my customers where to find great things for their upcoming big events. I like to be a great networking spot for my customers. I know videographers, florists, reception locations, caterers, DJs, etc, etc, etc. Not only do I know who to call, I know who NOT to call as well. :)

So, why don't people return the favor? Why aren't they following my blog, Twitter, whatever? Why don't they have me do their photographs instead of having someone else? *sigh* It just kind of hurts to see their posts, blogs, hear them talk about it, etc, and I just wonder, "Did they even THINK of me?"

And I'm not even sure how to say anything. ", uh, is there a reason why you didn't go with me?" Awkward. Nope. Can't do it that way.

"Next time I'd love to be a part of your _____!" Hmmm, that could be better.

You know what? It kinda makes me want to say NOTHING next time someone asks me for a place to go. "Go to McDonalds for lunch, Target for your shopping needs and buy some Spin n Span for your house."

Every time I get a graduation invitation from someone...ugh.
Every time I see a portrait on their wall.
Every time I hear they have a new website.

Is this just a weirdo Cat thing? Or would you feel the same way?

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MegzyTred said...

Dude... you sure we weren't separated at birth? Except for the fact that I'm a whole foot shorter then you I think.... you're the big twin, you pigged all the good dna, shame on you! :)
No you're not a weirdo or I'm one too and we know that can't be true.. seriously I understand, I hate that I have training and knowhow and experience and yet.. if there are photographs to be taken there's someone there with a stinky little point and shoot camera and everyone oooohs and aaaaahs over their "awesome" use of borders, or they take pics of people with food in their faces, etc. And these are the ones treasured in houses... me, they're like "oh yeah.. she does that, but.. you should definitely call sis soandso and ask her to do your pics" and I'm sitting right there.
Hang in there, your work is awesome and if that's how they're going to unappreciate you they would probably be difficult to work with and you've been spared the aggravation.
Chin up kid I love ya and respect your artistic vision and innate awesomeness... ;)