Sunday, February 18, 2007

It must be something in the water

Alright, I am admitting right this moment that part of this might be stemmed from jealousy. But I swear, in the last two and a half years that Don and I have been trying to get pregnant and stay pregnant, everyone and their dog has gotten pregnant and had eighty billion kids. Well, I may have exaggerated a bit there. But I know one friend who has had two, another had one, another is on the way to having her second. Then of course there's all these first time moms...and the coworker I have that's having her fourth. And the girls who got pregnant and complain about it....ugh the cravings, ugh I'm fat, ugh my independance, ugh I didn't want another baby..... I will slap you. And even if I wasn't wanting a baby so badly, I'd slap you anyways. If you don't want to get pregnant, take precautions. Quit complaining.

And I'm sick of people with their lame reasonings and whatnot.

"Well, at least YOU don't have to have morning sickness" (heard that more than once)

Same with cravings, diapers, money, crying, complaining, weight gain, sleep loss, stress, depression, whatever else they come up with.

I'm sure some of these girls are trying to be supportive, trying to be nice....etc, etc.

Very recently someone told me that God gives babies to those who deserve them. Okay, so why all the unwed mothers? Drug users? People that don't need more and use all the tax payer's money? I don't believe that. Not for one second. I definetly believe that God makes things happen, but I also definetly didn't like the insinuation that I'm not good enough. Or whatever they're trying to say.

"Well, you can still __________________" or "Now you can just ____________"

Ugh. Please give me patience and kindness and understanding....and whatever else I need.