Thursday, June 24, 2010

I Haven't Seen You Around Here Before

Yeah. I haven't posted since September. SEPTEMBER! I had some meanies posting comments, and even though I didn't approve them for you guys to see, I still had to see them. I was hurt and shot down and embarassed and all sorts of dejected. So I just stopped writing. Well, poo on them!

I have come to a crossroads with my doctor. This last round of Clomid lasted 16 months and that is wayyyy too long to be on it. He said he couldn't do much more and wanted to refer me to the Cities. Well, all the while, I had been hearing about an awesome specialist right in Mankato. I told Dr. B that I wanted to check her out first. I'm glad I did.

She explained things to me that no one else has, nor had I ever read. And if I had read it, maybe I didn't aborb it. She gave me a plan, and told me to call her on Day 1 of my next cycle so we could schedule an ultrasound to actually count my cysts, which has never been done. This way we can "see what we're working with".

I feel positive and excited to meet with her. I feel like things are getting done.

Or will get done.

What else is new? Oh, Don told me Tuesday night when I got home from work that our little mouse, Talulah, passed away. She was a little sweetie, and we had suspected something was wrong as she had a tumor on her neck for awhile. Mice don't live too long, and I will miss her little face.

My best friend is pregnant with number 5! Her kids are pretty excited, as am I. I think of them as neices and nephews. But then, I even think of my cousins' kids as my nephews. :-) She's due in October and just found out she's having a boy. I can't wait to meet him!

And my summer program that I run started on Sunday. So far, so good! The kids are all getting along and everything is super. YAY!