Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Where is Emily Post when you need her?

So people have totally lost all semblance of politeness, ethics, helpfulness, tact, etc.

I understand how people stare and look when they see/hear something that is different. Sure, take a glance and move on. If you really need to know, ask me. But do NOT laugh, point, stare and whisper at or about my clients. What really gets my goat is when I'm trying to go in a place w/ a wheelchair, trying to hold the door open with my butt or my foot or whatever appendage might work, while people stand and watch me. Is it rude to say, "A little help here, please?" Even the places that my clients frequent, like Movie Gallery, where there are two workers on pretty much all the time and neither comes to help. They both just stand behind the counter and WATCH us come in. It's enough to make me WALK right back OUT.

And I am needing to grow a pair, apparently. I'm sick of stuttering, stammering, stalling for an answer when people ask me why I don't have kids. One would think the answer, "We want kids" would be sufficient. But no. Then people ask, "Well, then why don't you have any?" Am I supposed to go through the miscarriage/not ovulating/hormone pills/etc/etc story with them? Or just smile and say....what? What do I say? I was reading Ask Annie or whatever they call it in the paper and there was another couple from MN that had been married for 4 years that was having the exact same problems. They asked what to say when someone asks them the same question. Annie suggested saying, "I can't see how that is any of your business". Well, that is not my style. I am not like that. Even if I'm thinking it. Even if I will say it to Don later when recounting the story. Even if I say it in a blog. I have even tried saying that Don has a daughter. Then people say, "Don't you want any of your OWN?!" So what's the answer? How do I stop the questions? I always feel the need to say everything. Explain it all in three minutes. Even if I don't really know these people. Yeah. Uncomfortable.

I still can't get the answer down for, "Are you still friends with ______?" No, I'm not really. I wouldn't say we're not friends, but what do I say? Come up with the last time I saw her? Say the last bit of info I heard, which is what the people are probably actually looking for....location, marriage, kids, work, etc. Not if we're actually still friends. Those that know how close we were will also say things like, "But you were so close! What happened?!" Do I then say what really happened? Of course not. But I can't ever come up with another option quick enough.

So I just need some guidance, some suggestions. Some something. A friend and a baby would be great though. And maybe lunch with Emily Post.

To Blog, or not to Blog. That is the question

You know what's funny? I was going to complain how nobody reads this. Yet at the same time, I'd get so mad if someone read my diary. But here I say things with the knowledge of the possibility that someone will read this. I have friends and know other people that have dozens of faithful readers. Yet, I might have two random people pass through. If there are any more, please comment-JUST so I'll know that someone was here, if for nothing else.

Well, today a baby was born. Elizabeth Christine Labrucherie was born to Amanda and Joel Labrucherie. I didn't get the time, but she is 7 lbs 10 oz, 21 inches long. The proud papa says she has brownish hair and is very alert, wiggling her arms and looking around. I wanted to talk to mama, but she said she's beat, so hopefully tomorrow!

I'm currently in Wisconsin Dells with two of my clients. We've been here since Sunday night and are leaving tomorrow. We've gone to the movies (The Simpsons), a train ride, a Duck ride, saw a Fab 50's Live show, mined for gems, the guys rode bumper, what else? It's been fun. I get a little over stressed on working vacations as I have no alone or down time. It's really hard to keep going and going.

Again I was I was almost getting excited, but for nothing again. I really need to get back into the doctor to get back on chlomid and hopefully that will work this time! I just really want a baby!!!

My brother and his wife and kids are talking about coming this Sunday to visit and go see the Laura Ingles Wilder stuff in Walnut Grove. I'm really hoping they come,even though my place is NOT looking good AT ALL! hahaha. I wouldn't normally mind, but they have such a nice place...I feel inferior.

I also have a wedding shoot this Saturday. I'm pumped. They're a great couple- we had so much fun on the engagement shoot. Very photogenic, and they like the different poses and effects I offer. YAY FOR ME!

Can you tell I'm bored? Oh wait, you can't, as noone reads this!!!! hahahaha

All for now.