Sunday, November 04, 2012

Little Peeks Into You

I get super pumped when I get to see inside people.  I try to read them as best as I can, but there are things that tell you more about a person than what they say or how they act.

Since I don't have xray vision or an xray machine, I wait for other opportunities.

*their desk
*their purse
*their car
*their house

Seriously.  I love seeing these things.

I don't snoop.  I never poke around.  I feel I should put those disclaimers out there.

I like to see if they have family, if they have any quotes, what sort of bric-a-brac they have on their desks.  Is their desk slightly cluttered or neat piles? What do they have to drink or eat?  Candy choices?  It can show me if they're a little more uptight and business or perhaps a bit more relaxed.

Purses!  PURSES!!!!  I love bags of all kinds.  Period.  So, #1-I just love to see a good bag.  #2- Is it neat and clean and organized?  Do you have change and receipts and 27 different lipsticks?  Are you matchy matchy or kind of eclectic?   Your type of purse can also tell me if you're a mom, business, pleasure, out for the night, trying too hard, good with old faithful, not up for change, etc.

I am in my car a lot.  I don't clean out my car.  Well, I do, but I don't.  I am not good at it.  I mean, sure I have the ability, I just don't make the effort.  Do I judge the insides of others' cars?  A little.  Not like, "Wow, man, you need to find a garbage can. NOW."  But what they have in it.   I have probably 30 cds in my car in cases right now and another 15 or so in my visor holder.  I have photo "stuff" that never made it back in my house.  I have cat litter that never made it in my house.  I have mail. I have booze in my trunk.  I have a light jacket.  A shovel. A few books.  Stuff that I've picked up here and there and then I'm too tired to bring it in my house or I have my hands full and I deem it unworthy for two trips at this moment.

And then I have trash.  Wrappers. Napkins. Bottles. Cans. Old mail. Notes.  I try to grab what I can when I move my car during the day, but I still leave bottles and cans that can be recycled in my car so I can recycle them later.  Then I never quite make it to a recycling receptacle   I almost drove around back last night when I got home to put it in my recycling can in the alley, but didn't.

When I look in someone else's car and see the McDonald's wrappers, cups, cans, whatever, I want to grab it for them and toss it.  But I don't want to make them feel bad.  And maybe they like it.  I don't know.  I love to see if they're reading a book, if they've got a new cd they're listening to, what their presets are for the radio.

But their house.  Going into someone's house tells me pages.

Are they Suzy Homemaker (either naturally or because they feel they have to be)?
Do they have NO MESS and say, "Oh!  Sorry the house is a sty!" when they have three articles of mail on the counter, a pair of shoes or two and a blanket on the couch?
Are their walls bare?
Do they have piles of stuff, a bit of clutter here and there?
BOOKSHELVES are a gold mine.  I love to see what they have read in the past, or have acquired to read in the future.
The pictures they have chosen to frame.  And the pictures they put on their fridge.  Speaks volumes to me.
Is it well lived in?  Does it feel like HOME?
I love to see their dishes.
Their music collection.
If there's stuff everywhere.  (I actually like this.  Makes me feel better about myself as my house usually has stuff everywhere, and it also tells me that they're comfortable enough with me to let me see this side.)

I can't really explain exactly what I derive from these things, but I feel like it explains so much to me.  It really floors me at times though to think I know someone and then see inside one of those things and it doesn't "Fit" for me.  It turns a light bulb on and tells me there's more to find out about my friend.

What do my purse, desk, car, house say about me?

* eclectic.
* laid back.
* quirky.
* organized and unorganized at the same time.  How this is even possible, I do not know.
* family is important.
* friends are important.
* love my animals.
* busy.
* messy.
* cluttery.
* colorful.
* broke in.
* crafty.
* musical.

Maybe more.

Anyone else like this?