Saturday, March 18, 2006

So here's the deal.

Alright, I promised an update, didn't I?

Don and I found a house in Sleepy Eye. Our friends had bought it (well, were in the process) just to flip it. So we discussed buying it from them. That is what we're going to do. We plan on signing middle of April. So until then, the four of us (Doug and Cathie, Don and myself- D&C and D&C) are remodeling. They're doing the bathroom, and we're doing the living room. The man that lived there raised seven children in that house, five girls and two boys. He also thought he was quite the carpenter and craftsman, and I appreciate that, I really do. I love crafts, art, working with my all know that! So I give him credit for trying. But, oh boy, it is a lot of work UNDOING what he did!

First thing that had to go was the paneling in the L Room. It was ugly. Plain and simple. The dear man decided it should also go on the ceiling. I don't know why. So I ripped that off. Only to find another layer of paneling....and then another. Yes, three layers of paneling, each uglier than the last. All different grains and styles.

Under the paneling was masonite, which wasn't bad to pull off. Actually, either was the paneling. Then came the plaster. Wow, do I love ripping that stuff off! More like pounding it in, but still.

And now, the worst part.

I hate, hate, hate lathe. I had never heard of or seen it before, but now I have. And it is NOT FUN to rip off. Not at all. And then of course, the lovely asbestos underneath.

In the bathroom, same story. But not paneling. Layers upon layers of wallpaper.

It's a lot of work. And that's fine. My body loves it. It feels good. Well, no, it is sore tonight, but it's so exciting that this house will be OURS. But it is proving quite dificult to fit it around my full time job, my photo job, and Don's job. Plus service, meetings, etc. So, yeah, we've been busy.

As for the baby trying.

Went in and met with an OB/GYN finally per my regular doctors suggestion. He seems nice enough, and gave us a series of five steps. Monday is step one: labs.

Each step is a a little more serious, and costly, than the last. Hopefully we'll find out before I have to have a tube put in my belly button. Ish. But, I already have a hole there from my surgery last year, so no biggie.

After all this, hopefully we'll find out why we haven't been able to have a successful pregnancy. We've been trying since October 2004......

And then photography business:
I have eight weddings booked for this year, and I am pumped! My business is growing, and I am just so proud. I had an engagement and childrens shoot this week, and both were with the new Rebel XT. I LOVE THAT CAMERA!

That's it for now...... Love ya!

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