Monday, September 13, 2010


I need to be better at blogging. It'd help if I had readers and I didn't feel like I was just talking to myself. Wait. I do have readers. I see them on my blog tracker thingy. I don't have commenters. Sometimes I get comments, but I don't allow them for reasons previously stated. I am repeating myself, yes?

I've been doing more and more photo shoots lately. Then the winter will come and I will be bummed because I'm not getting calls as often as I was. Every winter I forget why I'm not getting calls. Apparently not everyone thinks it's fun to shoot in the snow when it's -20. :-)

Still working on losing weight. I'm down a few more pounds. I'm glad I've started to finally realize that you can't lose weight all at once. You have to lose 2 pounds to get up to 10 pounds to get up to 40 pounds, etc. I think the reality weight loss shows finally drilled it into my brain.

I've been making cards lately. Have I been sending them? No. Have I been posting them on my crafting site? No. Yeah, I'm all together awesome.

I've been so tired and lackluster. I am not finding joy in the things that bring me joy. I also haven't been taking my pills. :-| I keep forgetting. Yeah, ironic, I know. I am seeing a new therapist and I like her a lot. I think I've gone 3 or 4 times now. She's good. Hopefully she won't move, quit or retire like the others.

Next month I'm taking a client to Florida. While I'm there I will be able to see my family. Then my family will be coming to Minnesota the next week. :-) Yay for me! I need some family time.

Well, I can't think of too much else right now. I'm just not feeling very peppy.

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jinxi~ aka angi said...

You seem peppy! Even if you dont feel it!

I am enjoying your photo shoots and happy for your successes!

Yay for the trip to FL and family time!

Keep up the good work on losing .. of all people I know how hard that truly is!

ps: Keep writing on your blog, I like it.. like it a lot!