Friday, March 23, 2007


So today I'm still having a migraine and that's about it. I' m watching Baby, Baby on Discovery Health Channel. Started my period last night so you know what that means.....

I've been googling Foster Care and Adoption. Yeah, that's pretty much not going to happen. Our house needs repairs and we don't have a lot of money and Don has some blips on his record. So I'm thinking that's pretty much a no. Why do I want a baby then? Because I do. Shut it. haha.

I decided to do a search on infertile here on blogspot and found a few pages and glanced over them. A lot of these girls are obviously more hard core than I am, and use a lot of acronyms that I am not familiar with.

I would like to think that my hesitation shows that I am thinking this through and it's not something I take lightly, or a passing phase. I would like to think that I am a fairly logical person, and aware of things. Like, for instance, I know that babies cost money. I also know that I complain about our lack thereof. A third thing I know is that there are ways and places that we could cut spending to make it all better....or at least partly better.

I don't know. It's just always on my mind. It was just a comfort to read those other ladies' pages and hear my words and thoughts coming from someone else's fingertips. I knew I wasn't alone, but now I feel somewhat better.

I am annoyed though that a supervisor from work called today and said that if Don is going to go on vacation with my clients and me, he needs to pass a background check. They didn't have him do this last year, so I'm wondering if that was an oversight or if it's just because there was a well publicized car accident last year and my nosey coworkers had to pass on the info to each other.

Ugh, I'm so cynical. I either trust too much or not enough, and both are usually at the wrong times.

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Sunny Jenny said...

Hi Cat- Just dropping over from your comment on my blog to say hello. Jumping into the infertility world is a little like jumping into a swimming pool that has turned into whirling vortex of doom. Feel free to read along or ask any questions that you may have. God bless you in your desire to be a mother.