Sunday, June 01, 2008

Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go!

I have a problem. I can't let things go. Even when I know it'd be healthier for me. Even when I know things are false. They resonate in my head, the things people say, and I carry them around with me. The comments float in my head, torturing me, taunting me. Recently there was a meltdown in a forum and I was accused of saying things that I never said. Normally, you'd think, "They're wrong. I never said that." and move on. Why can't I do that? Instead, I'm very frustrated that the person is out there lying about me and my friends. I'm hurt. EVEN though I know this person is a liar. I AM BETTER THAN HER. Ugh. Maybe this will help me move on. I sure hope so. She's not worth it. Definitely not worth it.

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jinxi said...

Definitely not worth consuming our minds. Its hard when people you think/thought are your friends turn on you and then mock or say hurtful things about or toward you. I wonder was this a lesson we had to learn.. was she/he ever really a friend to begin with? Im like you though.. going to tell myself to let it go. Let someone else deal with it.. right?? Smile my chicky.. you still got me...Hilarious I know!!! ;) {but true}