Monday, February 18, 2008

Nigel Updates

Well, yesterday Nigel was 7.8 ounces. After feeding him Pedialyte, baby food and yogurt, today he weighs 8.2 ounces. His fur is no longer sticking out weird, he's less hunched, his eyes aren't as sunked and his testicles are starting to drop again. We're so happy. We really hope this is the cure, and the reason was simply a greedy Simon taking food, causing Nigel to weaken so he couldn't fight back.

The delicious Sweet Potato & Turkey baby food and plain yogurt.

Nigel's eyes yesterday, compared to Simon's eyes (below) yesterday.

Nigel's eyes today, although I swear twenty minutes later his eyes looked bigger.

The coat staring has reduced dramatically. His coat is more normal..sleek with minimal strays.

See, don't his eyes look bigger?


jinxi said...

wow, yeah... what a miserable lil thing he was. Im so glad he is doing better. Bad Simon!

beckster said...

im so happy hes getting better!!! dumb alpha animals hogging food! we have that happen daily with dakota- shes a hog!