Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Day So Far

First thing. I was woke up by Don at 4:45 this morning saying to try to pick up Nigel. I did....he's skin and bones. His eyes are sunken in, his hands are cold.... We fed him and nursed him for three, almost four, hours......he's still alive...we don't know why the sudden change from when we played with them 48 hours ago. I left a message with the vet and went back to bed around 8.

Last night when I got home from work I saw that there were messages, but I didn't feel like checking them. One was very unimportant and one was from my parent's number. I figured it was just my dad calling to chat. I would listen to it later.....

So when I got up at 12:30 this afternoon I checked the messages....still mom and dad,unimportant call, a photo order, and another senior's mom callling. No vet. But I listened to the messages. And here's the BIG THING.

Mom called at 7:29 to say that my Grandma had a stroke and was helicoptered up to Hennepin County Medical Center. Grandma went to go use the bathroom early Saturday morning/Friday night? and noticed her arm wasn't moving. She went to tell Grandpa and it came out a garbled mess. Grandpa called 911 and they came and got her and flew her up.

I have no way of getting there since the car quit on 2/8 (antifreeze in the oil in the motor...awesome). I feel helpless, and yes, I know that even though I couldn't do anything if I was there anyways, I don't like that I have no way there. Tuesday we're supposed to get the car from the office...I'm going to see if I can just do it tomorrow so we can go up. Grandpa is even renting an apartment 5 blocks from the hospital. $275 a week...kitchenette, bed, etc, so he can try to have some good sleep.

I talked/bawled/sobbed to my Aunt Nancy and then to Grandpa John...they said it's okay, that I shouldn't worry about it. Grandma Susan wanted to talk to me. She said, "Hi Cathy. I can't talk very well." I said, "It's okay Grandma, I understand you. I've had almost nine years experience of working with people that can't talk very well." She laughed. That made me happy. Then she said, 'I'll give you back to Grandpa." Now, that's what I know she said. What it sounded like was completely different. Almost drunk sounding...slurred.

Mom isn't going to fly up yet. Nancy doesn't think she needs to, and Jeff and Curt (uncles) aren't going either. Anyways, I had to unload. My heart is heavy and I feel powerless.

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beckster said...

awwwww... you know im thinking of ya dear!!! trying to read thru all these i missed while ive been sick, started at the oldest!