Saturday, July 03, 2010

Pshhhhh! That's not PCOS!

I had an ultraound yesterday to count my cysts. To find out "what we're working with". Right side had 6, left side had 3. That is not PCOS! So after all this time.... Well, at least we now know.

We also now know that my follicles are not maturing. No eggs are releasing. I am what they call "anovulatory". At least we know.

We also know that I have lost 6 more pounds. FANTASTIC for me! I am quite proud.

So now I'm waiting until the end of August, and then I'm supposed to give Sue a call and meet up again. I'm really happy I switched to her!


Anonymous said...

I found this link here at work.
Good for you for searching out another dr....keep up the good work!

Emily t.g. said...

Way to go on the weight loss, sis!

Anonymous said...

what a pretty blog Cat! Im happy you are happy with your Dr. that always makes a world of difference.
And 6lbs! awesome!!

Cat said...

Thanks guys! I've even lost more since then! I'm pretty happy about that!