Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Original Blogger

I've had this on the tip of my tongue for the past few months. Ever since I was doing my normal rambling on about weird stuff thing and said how Doogie was the original blogger and my listener said, "How so?" I said, "Don't you remember he would do a diary entry on his computer at the end of every episode?" So, maybe it wasn't on the Net. Oh well. He's still the OB (original blogger) in my book. So I decided to Google this action. Someone thought it'd be funny(?) to have a Doogie blog. In reading his comments, I see that another person backs up my theory by calling Dr. Howser the first blogger. I am a bit saddened that I am not the first, or only, person to come to this conclusion, but I also take pride in the fact that I'm not the only awesome person. I tried really hard to find a picture of NPH with his back to the camera, typing madly away. This is all I could find that would fit my topic. It'll do.

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jinxi said...

hahaa... very very true! and man he looks sooo YOUNG there.. duh Ang ;).. anyway.. I still refuse to think that he is gay.. until I watch How I met your Mother.. then yup I see it. laffin'