Friday, March 14, 2008

Cat Says the Silliest Things

Yeah, I've heard it since I was young....I have a funny way of saying things. Even when I lived in Willmar, a service group once decided that I need a Book of Cat for the things I say. We had a few things in there, and I lost it. Of course. HA!

So yesterday I was at my Friends Group Facilitator meeting and we were talking...I mentioned my legs being jibbly. Then later I said something else, and something else. I don't remember because I'm so used to saying them. But after about four things, they stopped the meeting and all commented on my words.

It was decided that I need a Cat Dictionary of Catisms so I can let everyone know what these words mean. I told them about the Book of Cat, they laughed. I was going to tell them about Becky's Becktionary, but talk time was over.

Here's a layout (LO) I once did about my Cat-isms.

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