Thursday, August 31, 2006


I think this movie was beautiful, and thought provoking. I have lost two friends in a month, and therefore, two funerals, two eulogies.

We all need to think about what we do with our lives. I have a constant battle with that one. Today I am ready to give up. I want to give up. I'm sick of so much. I can't handle much more.

I sure hope that I have done good. My friends that passed away-both had to rent other facilities than our Hall since they would be filled to the max. I know it doesn't matter how many come (one had 450-500 and the other 300+) but it shows that they were loved. They both died faithful to God and were great men. Well respected, cared for, cared about.......

Plus, the photography was excellent. It goes to show what God gives us daily to enjoy. We could've all been made color blind, without taste, smell, etc, they're not vital to life. But it makes life so much more ENJOYABLE.


doll~ said...

I hate to hear that you want to give up. This has been the year for deaths in my life..My grandma and a good friend both died on the same day back in Feb., then 2 weeks later my cousins husband, who I grew up with and went to K-12 school with passed... and a couple weeks ago my aunt passed away as well. The dash is sometimes interrupted all too soon, thats what makes me so mad. But at least there was a dash huh?? Take care girl!

beckster said...

don't give up. it can always get better!! look to the brighter side of things!!! thanks for taking part in this!